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Whether your goal is to communicate more effectively, travel abroad with more ease, discover another culture, meet new people, understand your foreign relatives, or simply broaden your world view, learning another language can be a wonderful and rewarding pursuit.

Bryan Whitman Founder
Learn a Language in San Diego County

The San Diego School of Languages is San Diego’s premier language school offering an unparalleled and comprehensive schedule of San Diego County French Classes, San Diego County Italian Classes, San Diego County Spanish Classes and language classes in 20 languages (please see list of languages on the right-hand navigation bar). San Diego School of Languages (also known as the “Best Language School in San Diego County”) is affiliated with its sister organization Internexus San Diego which was founded in 2016 in California. The San Diego School of Languages opened near the San Diego Zoo in 2016. All scheduled classes are held at our facility located inside Internexus San Diego.Our Orange County language courses include:

  • Lively courses in 20 languages
  • College level faculty and textbooks
  • Tuition $225: Spanish, Japanese, ESL, Portuguese, and Chinese
  • Tuition $275: all other languages courses
  • Convenient weeknight classes meet once a week in 80-minute sessions for eight weeks
  • All classes are limited to no more than 10 students

We also offer a full complement of language services that can be tailor-designed to meet individual needs, such as:

  • San Diego School of language tutors for private language instruction
  • Corporate language courses scheduled for either our Hillcrest Location or at the client’s business site
  • Translating and interpreting services

Why the San Diego School of Languages?

The San Diego School of Language is your best choice for learning a language in San Diego County. Our San Diego County language courses are taught in our new facility near the San Diego Zoo and Gaslamp. We take pride in offering the highest educational experience and pay close attention to each important facet of learning. We have:

  • The Best Value – Tuition prices are kept low, but not at the sacrifice of high quality faculty, facilities and staff. We set textbook prices at cost so that our students can afford the highest quality university textbooks.
  • The Best Teachers – We carefully select our faculty and attract the best teachers with very competitive compensation. Our teachers care about their students and create a dynamic, supportive environment which is most conducive to learning.
  • The Best Location – We are located in the heart Hillcrest, within walking distance of superb dining and shopping.
  • The Best Experience – Experienced, caring teachers, university textbooks, small class size, attentive staff, a new facility, and convenient parking are some of the tangibles that make this the best experience.

Adults can learn a language (without gimmicks or false promises) at a very reasonable pace while enjoying life in San Diego County, maintaining a job, and being involved in their family life. Just three major ingredients are needed: 1) an excellent teacher, 2) an excellent text, and 3) a class full of like-minded people. Success in learning a language here at the San Diego County School of Languages can be achieved by attending an 80-minute class once a week, completing 15 minutes of homework each night, and being persistent. The classes include elements of laughter, fun and camaraderie, making it a weekly event people really look forward to attending. People are taught steadily; as they are inspired and motivated to continue, they keep at it and become more advanced in their skills. As students progress, they continue to attend increasingly advanced classes, where they review, practice, increase their vocabulary and their speed, and become more fluent. Learning a second language enriches the lives of the speakers and is an amazingly rewarding experience.

For more information about language services, classes, tutoring and other services offered at San Diego County’s premier language school, please follow the top and right-hand navigation bars or contact us at: 619-291-3304