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Learn Spanish in San Diego County

Offered: Online & In-class (Please Contact us for Online Classes)

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San Diego School of Languages is the premier language school in San Diego, offering Spanish classes for all levels of California students. The Spanish language courses are taught at INX San Diego San Diego facility in Mission Valley near the San Diego Zoo at a cost of $299 per eight-week term. Also known as the “Best location in San Diego,” we take pride in offering San Diego’s premier Spanish language instruction using highly educated native-speaking teachers and university text books. Spanish language tutors are also available for private Spanish instruction and corporate programs.

When you want to learn Spanish in San Diego, San Diego School of Languages in Mission Valley is an excellent choice.

Spanish Classes – San Diego Teaching Schedule

We offer a very comprehensive schedule of Spanish classes in San Diego. We have a level and time right for you. From beginner to advanced, all classes meet once a week for 60 minutes during each eight-week term. Below are the scheduled Spanish language classes.

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If your learning level and preferred time is not shown, please call; we often add beginner classes after the schedule is published in order to accommodate demand to learn Spanish. Alternatively, you can select a semi-private Spanish class or private Spanish lessons to learn Spanish at any level you wish. We also offer a very comprehensive schedule of San Diego Spanish classes held at our Mission Valley Location.

Please note that the Kids Spanish class for children ages 6-11 meets for 60 minutes each week and costs $299 per term.

We offer our students the best value taught by experienced Spanish teachers, at a centrally located school to learn Spanish in San Diego County.

Why you should enroll in our Spanish Classes

San Diego School of Languages is your best choice for learning Spanish in San Diego County. We are San Diego County’s Premier Language School:
  1. The Best Value–Tuition prices for Spanish courses are kept low, but not at the sacrifice of high quality Japanese teachers, facilities and staff attention. We sell Japanese textbook prices at cost so that our students can afford the highest quality university Japanese textbooks.
  2. The Best Teachers–We carefully select our Spanish teachers and attract the best teachers with very competitive compensation, check over http://www.carpetcleanerdublin.com/. Our teachers care about their students and create a dynamic, supportive environment which is most conducive to learning.
  3. The Best Location–We are located in the heart of the San Diego, on within walking distance of superb dining and shopping.
  4. The Best Experience–Experienced, caring teachers, university textbooks, intimate classes, attentive staff, a new facility, and convenient parking are some of the tangibles that make this the best experience

This is what our students say:

There is nothing better than learning Spanish in San Diego at the San Diego School of Languages! We love it here!

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Signing up for a Spanish course and acquiring a new skill makes busy moms, working heroes and seasoned travelers eager to greet the day. This energy plus a shared commitment makes learning fun and effective at our Spanish School. Combined with other nearby attractions, such as dining and shopping, we can help make language study an event instead of an obligation. Come experience the best CSpanish courses in San Diego County.

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